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We deliver relevant, credible and affordable training courses for challenger brands.

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Enable your team to thrive

The blue-chip training you never had

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Open training courses

Our 1 and 2 day courses cover all the skills needed to succeed in FMCG – from account management to digital marketing to Excel and more

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Private training courses

If you are looking to train more than 6 people at a time, a private course might be just what you need. We can bespoke all our public courses to the needs of your team

Built for challenger brands

Capability-first FMCG training courses

Highly relevant FMCG content

Our delegates are busy people and want to see immediate results from their learning. All our courses are written specifically for the challenger businesses we serve.

Taught by industry-leading experts

We curate leading trainers from across the consumer ecosystem to ensure our courses are taught by people who have a proven track record living and breathing the job in hand.

Cost and time-effective

We know brands must focus resource where they get the highest return on investment. Our modular framework suits brands with varying budgets and time availability.

Bundles and bulk buying

Buy for the team using our bundles

Role Bundles

A curation of multiple courses, over 3 to 6 days worth of training, for an individual and their role.

Day Bundles

Secure multiple days worth of training, from 5 to 25, that can be used distributed across your team.

Gold Pass

Unlimited access to all of our courses for 12 months - designed for intensive personal growth.

Never rated less than 5 star

Hear from those we have trained

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Our pricing for open courses starts at £495 per person per day. For private courses, the price depends on the scope, length and course content. Community members enjoy additional benefits.

If you would like to learn more about our training programmes, book a private course or discuss your learning & development plan with a member of our team, get in touch. 


Learning & Development


Can you create bespoke courses?

We have 12 courses available in our curriculum and all of these can be adapted for private courses.

Do you do discounts if we buy lots of training through you?

For members of our Community, we offer various bundles which make bulk buying spaces on courses more cost-effective.

What budget should we allocate to learning & development?

We see different brands operate budgets differently – some allocate a value per head (e.g £2,000 per head per year); others allocate a % salaries (e.g 5% of annual salaries as a pot). Either way, most brands will budget for some spend. We can then work with founders to ensure they are divvying up the spend in the best way to serve the needs of the business and the team members.

How can we trust that the courses are worth the money?

We know it can be hard to spend on an unknown but this is why we ask for testimonials from previous attendees. We have never had a person attend a YF training course and not give it a 5 star rating and are incredibly proud of the quality we curate.

What if I spend money on training someone and they leave the business?

What if you don’t train someone and they stay in your business? We are big believers that employers have a responsibility to enable their employees to be successful in their roles – ‘learning on the job’ is great but will always come with it risk, missed best practice and often wasted time and money.

Why should I invest in my team?

Your team are the difference between success and failure of your business. Not only is it critical that they are actually capable of delivering the ambitions you have for the business, but we need to ensure they feel supported and developed by their employer. Brands that do not invest in the development of their team will not attract and retain the best talent.

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Relevant insights

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Case Studies

PROPER – Bespoke Excel Training

PROPER, makers of PROPERCORN and PROPERCHIPS, were growing and hiring rapidly when we spoke with them. During a discussion with the company we unpicked their team development goals and identified a need for the team to gain efficiency.

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